When professionals meet another professionals


With every kind of service, with every kind of event during your life, it could occur so, that you will need somebody’s help, because you cannot own all the resources, you cannot have all the knowledge, and then you look for somebody, who could help you. It could be a butcher if you want to have a great steak for dinner, it could be a teacher, if you need some knowledge, it could be us, if you need your product to be inspected and developed.

Sounds pretty expensive. Inspection and development… It covers a wide range of operations, which can be performed with the product or the technical data itself, but let’s focus on relations with customer. We have plenty of services to perform, and to perform with the highest quality we can (and we must never stop developing), so basically, we try to provide better quality, that we already can provide (even though if it sounds like bravado, that is the reality we meet).

Customer wants everything done faster, better and free of charge, our task is to understand customer’s needs and give the best solution. Then the work starts: part, powder, scanner, powder, laptop, scanner, coffee… It’s not about bare operating, it’s about doing everything in a correct way. You should prepare every part differently, because each case has its own features. You should think how to scan, where to take pictures from, how to place your part, how to move it, how to make the inspection, which kind of inspection and so on. Everything should be taken into account.

Often, it happens so, that the customer needs everything done by yesterday, although the part would be delivered to us tomorrow. At least one third of cases are urgent and sometimes it is really difficult to keep the same quality level, but to decrease the lead time. That is really important to understand, because we must always do our best. Elaborated schedule is needed, however sometimes it is needed to input more resources to finish work on time. I mean that you must work harder and spend more energy than usual. It is okay to say it, but that is not that easy to bring that idea to life.

It is always interesting and inspiring, when you try your best, when you develop, when you cut through red tape, especially, it is wonderful, when you compare yourself now to yourself in the past.

In other words, being professional doesn’t mean knowledge only, it means a personality behind that knowledge as well.

Philipp Polushkin, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology student

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