Meet our staff: Vesa Tuomela


I am an entrepreneurship teacher who is in love with  experimental learning and change through small, cheap and quick experiments. I teach and coach in the spirit of effectual approach releasing student’s entrepreneurial opportunities. I love playing with uncertainty and enjoy the entire journey of entrepreneurial learning. I am constantly seeking challenges, problems and opportunities to be done and learned in our school. I genuinely believe that doing is everything, co-teaching rules and experimenting is a way of life.  I am curiously seeking for inspiration and I try to inspire others through my own making and doing. I have stopped wishing how things should be and started transforming them, as I believe, is right, good and true. For me, our working community is incomparable. I enjoy every moment of co-teaching and I feel privilege to work with my co-teachers. I admire skilled education leaders.

My passion rest upon the meaningful and impactful learning and I know that learning can deeply touch and delight student’s lives.

Vesa Tuomela

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