Green Week SISU Project!


Green Week was a campaign project created under the SISU project course from the International Business Degree Program which focused on introducing sustainability. It encourages people towards sustainable choices in a relaxing and fun way. The campaign idea came during the time of the pandemic which meant that it had to be done virtually, and so the @greenweekcampaign Instagram page was born. Students had their own specialized teams. This included Entertainment, Marketing, Research and Sales teams. Each of these teams had their own respective tasks which they were responsible for.


Sustainable Alternatives!

Educating and encouraging people towards sustainability was the main purpose of the campaign. The campaign lasted for 5 days and each day focused on a different area of sustainability. The Instagram page included interactive activities through Story mode and had educative posts which differed on a daily basis. Execution of this campaign happened during the 20th – 24th of April 2020. Incorporating Earth day within the event week.

“The daily post”

Each respective day as mentioned had their own area which they focused on.

On the 20th there were sustainable ingredients posts. Followers would submit their own sustainable recipes. The admin of the Instagram page then would repost using the Story mode for other followers to view.

Instagram story activity!

21st Advertised secondhand stores which encourage people to reduce doing unnecessary new purchases of products.

22nd Information about Earth Day. There were Quiz link that was available for the followers to test their knowledge on the sustainability topics.

23rd Tips post on how to support local companies and usage of sustainable alternatives.

24th Advertised a zoom meeting on how HAMK supports sustainable development and provided activities through Story mode in which followers could easily participate.


The overall feedback of this campaign was positive. Data shows 90% of the audience mentioned that they have learnt something new from the Green week page and over 80% enjoyed the activities the campaign had provided. Furthermore, during the campaign the page gained over 180 followers consisting mainly of students in just 5 days.

Sofia Kuosa, who worked in the marketing team amongst other students, when asked about how she felt managing the campaign she mentioned “It was challenging as it was a new experience however the theme and the idea of the page had great intentions behind them and so it was interesting to do”. Insightful and inspiring knowledge were in the campaign, which benefited both the students who provided the campaign as well the people who participated.

When you get the chance to do the SISU project, do it with passion and do it with a greater purpose.

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