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Many of our applicants have questions about applying and studying. Therefore we gathered you the most commonly asked questions about Computer Applications degree programme. Check out also Computer Applications official webpage at

Applying to Computer Applications degree program

Where can I study Computer Applications?

You can study international business at Hämeenlinna University Centre. There is also a BBA IT programme in Finnish at the Hämeenlinna University Centre, Tietojenkäsittely.

Who can apply? Who is this program for?

You can apply to a Bachelor’s degree programme at a university of applied sciences when you have completed:

  • the general upper secondary school syllabus or Matriculation Examination
  • International Baccalaureate, German Reifeprüfung or European Baccalaureate Diploma
  • an upper secondary vocational qualification or equivalent previous studies (curriculum-based qualifications)
  • an upper secondary vocational qualification, a further vocational qualification or a specialist vocational qualification or an equivalent previous qualification (competence-based qualifications)
  • foreign education that provides eligibility to apply for higher education in the country in question

How do I apply to HAMK to study Computer Applications?

If you are interested becoming a professional programmer follow us in our website, where you can find information about our application periods. Direct application is recommended for applicants from abroad and joint application is recommended for applicants in Finland. You can apply to Computer Applications degree programme at where you can fill in the application online.

What are the entrance exams like?

If you are applying via direct application (recommended for applicants from abroad) the entrance examination will be online and participating in the exam does not require travelling. You will be invited to the entrance examination after you have submitted the online application and downloaded the required attachments to the application. Invitations to the exam will be sent by e-mail approximately one week before the exam.

Entrance examinations are organized four times during the spring and the applicants will always be invited to the next possible exam after submitting the online application and the necessary attachments. Applicant cannot choose the exam date by him-/herself.

The written entrance examination consists of a section measuring logical reasoning and problem solving skills (max 15 p.) and a section based on written material (max 15 p.). The material will be given to the applicants in the beginning of the entrance examination. Applicants must get at least 5 points from both sections to pass the written part of the exam. Applicants that pass the written entrance examination will be invited to online interviews. Read more about the direct application process and the entrance examination here.

If you are applying via joint application (recommended for applicants in Finland) the entrance examination will be conducted at Hämeenlinna University Centre. Read more about the joint application process and the entrance examination here.

Studying Computer Applications at HAMK

What are the courses and assignments like?

Computer Applications (BBA) consists of 3,5 years of studies, which combine lectures and real work life connections, meaning that every student will spend a large part of their studies in an actual workplace learning by doing.

Software development is teamwork, therefore students will have projects where they will collaborate with other students, research unit or partner companies. Understanding clients and user needs is essential. In order to best support businesses we study making applications and systems easily accessible for the users. This requires a great deal of planning, patience, client understanding, project management and various other IT skills. Students will develop these competences during studies.

What kind of days do the students have?

This programme is organized as full time studies. In the full-time study mode, students complete their studies at a steady pace with a familiar student group and with close connection to the world of work.

How good should my English level be?

Applicants English language skills will be tested in the entrance examinations. No language skills certificates are required.

Do I need to be already into programming? Do I need to have some base?

No you don’t. The basics will be taught in the beginning of studies.


Is there opportunity for exchange?

You can improve your language skills and open your horizons through student exchange or an internship abroad. HAMK has partner universities in various countries. Studies and internship abroad are credited as part of the degree.


What kind of job positions can I work after graduation?

As you graduate from the Degree Programme in Computer Applications, you have studied many topics widely requested in IT industry. Your title could be for example:

    • Software Developer/Engineer
    • Application Designer/Developer
    • Digital Business Analyst
    • Systems Developer
    • Programmer
    • Web Developer
    • Application Developer
    • Game Programmer
    • User Interface Designer
    • Project Manager
    • IT Specialist
    • Entrepreneur
    • AR/VR Developer
    • Data Analyst
    • AI Programmer

What are the specialties, compared to IT, that I will have after graduation?

HAMK offers an extensive Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in the field of ICT – working on practical technology with a touch of contemporary business.

Apply to study at HAMK and start your international journey!

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