Corona Insight Documentary SISU Project!


Marjo Tapio, one of the International Business student working in the SISU project kindly tells the story of how this Corona Insight Documentary was chosen as the topic for SISU project. ”Our project focused on bringing people interesting interviews from people affected by the COVID-19 virus from different countries. By making a documentary, we wanted to show people’s different views, thoughts and feelings to give a better idea of how the COVID-19 virus affects everyone around the world.”

”How did your team come up with this idea for SISU project?”

Somehow this was very clear to us from the beginning. We want to record and preserve this peculiar time of modern history. In a documentary people can express their feelings the way any still picture or blog could not.

“Why did you choose this particular topic?”

Simply because the reason we had to end the original SISU project was due to Covid-19.

“What was the purpose and goal of this topic?”

To have a documentation about this era, for later generations, but also for us.  Not all have such a wide network all over the world like a team of IB students, whose friends and relatives we interviewed. This is really something we can look back and be proud of.

“How was your experience with the project overall and its outcome?”

Everything in this project was different: working methods, working tools, business students normally do not do documentaries. Everybody in our team was excited about this, everyone worked hard, collected the material, and shared inspiring ideas along the project. The most important of all: we had such a good team spirit, like I have said before in other connections: Best Team Ever!

Check out the teaser of their documentary! To see full video click here.

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