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Gustavo from Brazil

Gustavo Spohr arrived in Valkeakoski in mid-August 2016. HAMK was an obvious exchange destination for him, because HAMK is a close partner with Feevale University, Gustavo’s home institution, and he knew that Finland has high quality of life.  

Gustavo wanted to get the full experience. He rented a car and drove all the way to Norway. He did volunteer work for Red Cross. And he studied as much as he could. 

He was impressed with the multiculturality at HAMK´s Valkeakoski Campus 

“It was fascinating to hear so many languages and see so many different kinds of mindsets.” 

Gustavo has travelled to more than 60 countries, and Finland is among his favourites. 

“If you are thinking about student exchange and deciding between famous universities in well-known countries like England or France and Finland, I really recommend Finland. 

Gustavo was amazed by the low hierarchy in the Finnish society. He came up with an idea of importing a Brazilian alcohol beverage to Finland. He was able to arrange a meeting with an executive of Alko, the state-owned company which has monopoly on the sale of wine and liqour in Finland. 

You could never get a meeting like that arranged in Brazil”, Gustavo explains. “I was just a student, but they invited me to their headquarters.” 

The beverage did not end up on the shelves of Alko, but Gustavo is grateful for the experience. 

Today Gustavo and his fiancée live in Utrecht, Netherlands. Gustavo is the General Manager of Pegada shoes in the Netherlands, and he visits Finland every now and then for business. 

“I love Finnish people! Even during the harsh winter people manage to always be warm and happy. I highly recommend Finland to study and to do business with!” 

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