Alex Kärki: Bachelor degree from two countries


How about getting two bachelor degrees instead of one? One from HAMK and the other from one of our partner universities around Eu­rope. Studying for a double degree means that your third year of study will be conducted at the partner uni­versity. 

Alexander Kärki is Finnish-Cana­dian student who studies International Business in Valkeakoski, Finland. At the moment he is also studying in a double degree programme at the In­stitute of Technology Tralee, Ireland.

Alexander wanted to study in the double degree programme because being able to travel and learn business practices in other parts of Europe re­ally caught his attention in the begin­ning. In addition, he is able to expand on his accounting knowledge and education from Finland and Canada. He also wanted to make new connec­tions with industry professionals and other like-minded students. Complet­ing a double degree means also hard work – writing a thesis while studying in Ireland and keeping in touch with the support network of teachers in Finland need focusing.

Alexander believes that there are many benefits in studying in the dou­ble degree programme:

– Employers are looking for peo­ple with a vast array of experiences, in many situations. The double degree programme allows students to gain those experiences they wouldn’t other­wise be able to, which probably makes double degree students better candi­dates for most job openings, Alexander says. He thinks that these studies have opened up doors in the form of life long connections, both in friendships and business contacts.

Alexander says that the best thing in the Double Degree Programme has been a chance to travel to new places he would never have had the chance to go to before, as well as meeting and connecting with all the other students who are travelling the same path as he.

– We have an instant connection when we meet each other and I have built some great lasting friendships af­ter being so fortunate to spend a year with some fantastic people.

– The International Business degree programme has 12 students studying their double degree in partner univer­sities and at the moment we have two students here in International Business from our partner universities. We cur­rently have five double degree partners in three countries, says Dawn Aarnio, lecturer from International Business. Many other degree programmes at HAMK offer also double degree op­portunities for students.

Text: Jenny-Stina Hankela

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