Material bank and documentation for studification


With these two pilot cases, we already can see some similarities and we have faced the same kind of challenges. We have noticed that we should create a material bank for the studification of each study module. This means that we need to have a description and documentation for each study module on how they were studified, what kind of tasks the students did, what kind of self-study material there was and so on.

We decided to have in Moodle a workspace for the whole Mechanical Engineering Programme. In the workspace, there will be instructions for each study module on how the students can do them at work place. There can be for example some options for implementation and the student can choose from them. In some study modules there can be self-study material and exercises, and after that an exam, for example.

This Moodle workspace will be helpful when studifying the same modules repeatedly, it will offer a place for documentation and of course help developing the process.

Another thing related to documentation is student’s own documentation. Students in studifying process could create a portfolio or write a blog about the process and they could use these as a form of presenting their skills – as a demonstration of skills. A blog or a portfolio could also be useful from marketing point of view, because now we do not have proper examples about studification to share with students or companies.

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