Curriculum perspective


When starting to work with pilot case students we faced some questions related to curriculum and core competences:

  • How do we make sure the student has the core competences of mechanical engineering?
  • What are the (core) competences? Are they described in curriculum clearly enough?
  • Which competences need to be gained (e.g. 70 % of all competence)? How much can there be proposed competences (e.g. 30 %)?
  • The teacher should be responsible for giving the grade –> how is the competence gained assessed?
  • How much from the competences of the curriculum can be gained by studyfication?

As mentioned earlier, studifying has to be based on the curriculum and the competence requirements described there. Currently, the curriculum of mechanical engineering degree programme is somewhat flexible, since there are eight study modules of core competence and in addition, students get to choose five profiling study modules to deepen their competences in chosen areas. These five profiling modules bring flexibility to studification since they can also be modified based on the workplace.

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