Success Story – Advancing regional industries through publicly funded projects


In 2019, HAMK Tech Robotics research group carried out several experiments in industries with collaborative robots under y-robo project. The experiments were short and demonstrated the capabilities of collaborative robots. In 2021, two of the experimental studies have been implemented by regional industry.

The first case is utilizing cobot for machine tending in Reponen works Oy. A demo solution was developed for them during the project. After the project ended the company developed the idea further and implemented a concrete solution, which you can see on their video.

The second case is palletizing boxes for Myllyn Paras Finland Oy. In this case a demo solution was provided for the company. Company managers were trained about cobots on demo day. After that, R&D service was provided for the company where case specific solutions were used. The company took the process further and implemented an industrial cobot solution. Have a look at the solution below.

From these project cases, we can observe connectivity between stakeholders. The research unit created the technological awareness through publicly funded project. The need for education in companies has also been realized for success of implementation of industry 4.0 in regional industries. This helps in educational path creation in HAMK.  Industries supplying the concrete solution received economic benefits which in turn benefits Finnish economy. The companies participating in the demo added value to their organization work.

These success stories have shown that HAMK Tech plays an important role to create technological awareness in the Kanta-Häme region. The importance of regional funding from Hämeen Liitto for creating impact on digitalization of industries in the region and promoting industry 4.0 has been realized.

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Text: Milan Gautam
Photo: ergoneon Pixabaysta

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