The benefits of studying the Finnish language: tips for learning Finnish while studying


If you currently live in Finland, you’ve probably noticed that the language spoken widely throughout the nation is Finnish. While you do not need native-like Finnish language skills in order to live in Finland, it is however one of the most important skills you need if you plan to stay in Finland. Learning fundamentals of Finnish can greatly improve your overall experiences like increased career opportunities, cultural immersion, and better communication. Luckily, as a student at HAMK, you will have access to Finnish classes during your first year of study, which will help you acquire a fundamental understanding of the language. For most students, it is compulsory to participate in the Finnish course, which is 10 credits.

Here are some tips from me for Finnish language learning during studies:

  • Speaking Finnish with your Finnish classmates, friends, and stores to improve your speaking fluency.
  • Using language learning apps like Duolingo will also help you to learn Finnish in a fun way. A lot of my friends leveled up in Finnish by practicing from Duolingo.
  • Listening to Finnish music, watching Finnish movies and TV shows, and reading Finnish books and newspapers can help you improve listening and reading skills, and boost your vocabulary.
  • If you are planning to stay in Finland permanently or for a long time, you can also consider taking paid courses or language learning services, for example in the local Adult Education Learning Centre.
  • Check your city’s website for weekly/biweekly language cafes held in libraries if you live in metropolitan areas.
  • Practice consistently, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day.

Some of websites and Apps where you can learn Finnsh :

The 10-credit course is also compulsory if you want to get a scholarship from HAMK. There are language tests organized twice a year at two levels, A2 and B1 (check more information about the European framework of reference of languages here). If you want to past the language test, it is important to practise speaking and writing Finnish during Finnish classes at HAMK. Some of friends mentioned that they passed the test with the help of the Finnish course. But it takes a lot of extra self-study or extra course in order to pass the test. You can find more information about scholarships at

Dear HAMK International students, if you are interested in sharing your experience of learning Finnish language while studying at HAMK, please contact Talent Boost mentor at

Vignesh reddy kandi, second year student at Computer Applications programme
Qingyang Li, Talent Boost mentor from HAMK International

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