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Training and course opportunities

  • HAMK Talent Boost team offer internship programme to our international degree students to help boost students´ employability. Apply to be an intern at https://app.tiitus.fi/tiitus/jobs/13464917?jobs=13464917. More information about using the recruitment platform can be found here: https://www.hamk.fi/students/hamk-talents-link-to-the-labour-market/?lang=en.
  • Boost your job search skills with HAMK Talent Boost. Save the dates and join our free job search skills boosting webinars this autumn 2023. In this series of training, you will learn about creating a good CV, writing a good cover letter, and networking tips. Webinars are open to all the students. Instructions are in English. Click the links below to join the training. Read more about the training here.
    • 16:00 – 17:00, Tue, 3 Oct.
      • CV Workshop
      • Online (join via Teams here)
    • 16:00 – 17:00, Mon, 30 Oct.
      • Cover letter writing,
      • Online (join via Teams here)
    • 16:00 – 17:30, Tue, 28 Nov.
      • Networking and company research
      • Hybrid
      • Location: Lobby, 1st floor, N building, Hämeenlinna University Centre
      • Join via Teams here
  • HAMK Entrepreneurial University has opened two courses to support students´ entrepreneurial activities: LT00DX86-3001 Basics of Business and LT00DQ52-3002 LIght Entrepreunership. Check the courses out and dive in!
  • Find Your Inner Finn course, through which you can learn about skills related to Finnish life style: https://www.visitfinland.com/en/find-your-inner-finn/.

Finnish Language Learning

Opportunities on Tiitus

More information about Tiitus recruitment platform: https://www.hamk.fi/students/hamk-talents-link-to-the-labour-market/?lang=en.


Business Controller, SSAB, Hämeenlinna/Raahe 21.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13452009?jobs=13452009

Sales Engineer, FieldForce Mobile Solutions Oy Ab, Estonia/Espoo 22.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13453155?jobs=13453155

Sales Engineer, Helsinki, ABB 18.10.2023


Combustion & CFD Engineer, Wärtsilä, Vaasa 18.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13447474?jobs=13447474

Project Engineer, Wärtsilä Oyj, Vaasa 21.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13452004?jobs=13452004

Supply Chain Compliance Trainee, Neste Oyj, Espoo / Possibility to work remotely 19.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13449286?jobs=13449286

Application Security Trainee, Espoo 28.9.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13445609?jobs=13445609

GQS Coordinator, Metso, Espoo 1.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13447472?jobs=13447472

Application Specialist, Metso Oyj, Espoo or Tampere 20.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13450609?jobs=13450609

Data Engineers UPM Plywood, Lahti (also other locations are possible) 1.10.2023  https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13418240?jobs=13418240

Project Administrator, Espoo 1.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13429688?jobs=13429688

Warranty Project Engineer, Konecranes, Hyvinkää 8.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13438106?jobs=13438106

Reporting Specialists, Metso Oyj, Espoo 8.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13438108?jobs=13438108

Performance Analyst, Metso, Espoo 11.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13439755?jobs=13439755


Business Controller, SSAB, Hämeenlinna / Raahe 21.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13452009?jobs=13452009

Marketing & Communications Manager, Norsepower 5.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13452007?jobs=13452007

Polish-speaking Senior Accountant, HKScan, Turku 20.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13450617?jobs=13450617

Business Development Executive, Capalo AI, Finland, REMOTE 20.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13450605?jobs=13450605

Back-Office and Balance Settlement Specialist, UPM Energy, Tampere 8.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13438098?jobs=13438098

Digital Marketer, INTK, Utrecht (native speakers of Dutch, German, French, Slovenian, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese or Czech)  2.10.2023  https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13431830?jobs=13431830

Performance Analyst, Metso, Espoo 11.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13439755?jobs=13439755


Frontend Developer, Indmeas Industrial Measurements, Espoo 20.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13450595?jobs=13450595

Software Engineer 9.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13449289?jobs=13449289

Application Specialist, Metso Oyj, Espoo or Tampere 20.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13450609?jobs=13450609

UX Researcher, Part-time, Tampere 1.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13429642?jobs=13429642

Software Developer, INTK, Utrecht 2.102.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13431829?jobs=13431829

Reporting Specialists, Metso Oyj, Espoo 8.10.2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13438108?jobs=13438108

Customer service

Elf guide, Lapland Safaris Pallas/Muonio Christmas Season 2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13387641?jobs=13387641

Clothing team member, Lapland Safaris, Levi 15.10.2023 Christmas Season 2023 https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13387640?jobs=13387640

Work Opportunities

For more opportunities, please check:

Tampere region: https://www.workinfinland.com/en/open-jobs/?city=tampere

Helsinki: https://www.workinfinland.com/en/open-jobs/?city=helsinki

Networking events

Job Fair Tampere on 26th October with International House Tampere: https://internationalhouse.tampere.fi/job-fair/.

Allianz Global Investors, a leading asset management firm, is looking for graduates to join their Graduate Programme next September 2024. This 16-month programme will develop your skills and boost your career through both local and international rotations. Join us live on 19 October here https://allianzgi03.jobinar.com/ to ask all your questions directly to AllianzGI Managers. There are various programme positions to choose from in different fields and locations. Apply before 3 November.

Matchmaking with companies (01:30 pm – 05:00 pm, November 23, 2023): https://www.workinfinland.com/en/events-talent/talent-boost-summit-2023/. Registration needed.

Internship experience with HAMK Talent Boost

Internship experience with HAMK Talent Boost

Support and guidance

If you need specific support and guidance in job seeking and application, BOOK a mentoring session with HAMK talent boost mentors:

  • Mentor: Katariina From

· Book a meeting with Katariina ·

Hei, hauska tavata! I am one of the Talent Boost Mentors. I worked at national recruitment and employment services before, and I am familiar with the different kinds of services for foreign students on both local levels and national levels. Besides working as a mentor at HAMK, I am an Italian language teacher in the Adult Education Centre (VOP) in Hämeenlinna. I will gladly answer your questions as a Finnish local and help you settle in as well as develop your career path in Finland.

  • Mentor: Qingyang Li

· Book a meeting with Qingyang ·

Ahoy! I am one of the talent-boost mentors. I came to study my degree in Finland about five years ago. I have worked in many different Finnish companies and organisations as different roles, and thus have learned how to navigate in the Finnish labour market. Besides working as a mentor, I am also a part-time entrepreneur. I understand that the journey of staying in Finland as a foreign student is filled with ups and downs, joys and tears. I am here to listen to your needs and support you with guidance.

About HAMK Talent Boost

Get to know more about HAMK Talent Boost here: https://www.hamk.fi/talentboost.

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