Internship experience with HAMK Talent Boost


I had the privilege to undertake an internship between April and May 2023 at HAMK Talent Boost as a partial fulfillment of my Finnish language skills integration programme.  As an international business graduate with knowledge in marketing, project management, accounting, and finance, HAMK Talent Boost was the best place for me to learn more in the field of marketing and project management, to gain real-world experience in a professional setting.

On the first day, I was warmly welcomed at the office and had an induction of the surroundings. Katariina and Qingyang guided me through the onboarding process, by introducing me to the organization’s culture, principles and objectives. I was given a clear outline of my responsibilities and the various tasks to work on, which are mostly aligned with international students’ leisure activities, Finnish culture and the opportunities in Finland. I was later joined by another intern ‘Anoush’.

During my internship, I was privileged to work on different marketing projects that allowed me to ap

Peter Aziati
ply my technical know-how to real-world scenarios. Apart from my tasks, I had memorable experiences working with my co-intern on a main project that would attract international students to Finland and other events organized at HAMK Talent Boost. In addition, I had the opportunity to showcase my knowledge as an international business student alumnus. I had the chance the room to present my project work and joint publication on (skills needed from international graduates, facts, and experience).

Furthermore, finding myself in an experienced team, I was patiently mentored and encouraged during the internship and had the moral boost in exploring new ideas by participating and contributing effectively to teamwork. I was also impressed with the learning and growth opportunities provided to me during my internships for professional development, such as attending workshops and webinars. Moreover, I was able to develop my soft skills by participating in team meetings and presentations, where I learned effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving techniques.

In addition to the training aspects of personal skills and development, I had the opportunity to learn some other marketing tools during the internship. The working environment was supportive, and employees’ well-being in taking into account. My internship experience at HAMK Talent Boost gave me more insight into my professional and personal growth as an international business graduate. The opportunity to work with talented individuals, contribute to meaningful projects, and immerse myself in a positive work culture was invaluable.

The learning opportunities and mentorship I received during my internship have given me the confidence and motivation to pursue my career goals with enthusiasm and determination.  I am thrilled to leverage the skills and experiences gained during the internship, as one of my plans is to work as a consultant on various business projects.

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