Internship programme with HAMK Talent Boost (Remote/Hybrid)


Are you a student pursuing your full bachelor’s degree in one of our English-taught degree programmes at HAMK? Do you want to gain valuable work experience in an international work environment at HAMK? Are you interested in taking a sneak peek into a big organization’s service design and customer service process?

Apply to HAMK Talent Boost´s INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME FOR INTERNATIONAL DEGREE STUDENTS and become one of the best talent boosters!

We offer you full support throughout your internship period, including,

  • Full supervisory and team support throughout the period
  • Diverse work contents to boost your skills and competence
  • Professional mentoring and career coaching sessions to help achieve your goals
  • Opportunities to build your professional networks
  • Possibility to add HAMK Talent Boost mentors as your job search references
  • A welcoming and a closing event of the programme

Who are we at Talent Boost?

HAMK Talent Boost is part of the Finnish national Talent Boost programme, which aims to attract and retain international talents such as university students. In HAMK Talent Boost, we design and develop services for 4 target groups, international students, degree programmes, companies, and stakeholders. Our aim is to help international students integrate and develop their careers in Finland, by offering mentoring services and by building better student-company connection.

What are the work contents?

In HAMK Talent Boost team, we serve 4 target customer groups, which are international degree students, international degree programmes, companies, and stakeholders. We design and develop our services based on our customers´ needs and demands. In this internship, you can choose to 2 – 5 work packages to be involved with.

Mentoring services Company Cooperation Service Design Marketing
Talent Mapping Company Research Event Organisation Thesis Work

During the internship period, you can also get started with your thesis process, for example, choosing your research topic, contacting companies or organisations, and so on.

Besides being involved with our work packages, you will receive both group and individual mentoring sessions from talent boost mentors, which are intended to help you achieve your professional or career goals.

Who can apply?

You can apply for this internship programme if you are studying for your full bachelor´s degree in one of the following English-taught degree programmes:

International Business

Electrical and Automation Engineering

Sustainable Forest Management

Climate Smart Agriculture (Smart Organic Farming)

Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Construction Engineering

Smart and Sustainable Design

Computer Applications

How to apply?

The application to this internship programme is done via Tiitus recruitment platform. Please create a profile in Tiitus platform and send your application through Tiitus.

Create a profile in Tiitus here: 

More instructions about using Tiitus here:

Open ads on Tiitus: 

Application Deadline

Send your application before 23:59, October 31, 2023


The internship period is part time, and it is set from 1 December 2023 to 31 March 2024. You can do this internship as part of your work placement studies (5 credits), which is compulsory for you to complete your degree at HAMK. 5 credits equal to 135 work hours. You work mostly remotely, unless there are pre-planned on-site meetings.

It is possible to gain more work placement studies credits from this internship programme. This can be agreed on during the internship period.

Payment and insurance

The internship period is unpaid, but with necessary travelling and meal compensations. If you are participating in a networking event as a HAMK Talent Boost intern, we will compensate the travelling costs and meals. Insurance during the internship period is covered by your own degree programme.

Recruitment process

We will invite suitable candidates for an interview. The interview will take place in November 2023. Max. 6 interns will be chosen for the programme.

Other information

In your application, please include a cover letter which mentions:

What are the work packages that you want to be involved in and why?

What are your expectations and goals for joining this internship programme?


If you have any questions, please contact


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