Green Week – Simple ways to support the change 


Will to do good, affect through positive encouragement and give people something to do during these difficult times are what combines the students working together for Green Week – a sustainability campaign launched online. 

Green Week is an online sustainability campaign on 20.4. – 24.4., that aims on raising awareness and sharing information about sustainability and green choices, but also encouraging to take action for mutual good.  In HAMK International Business at Valkeakoski campus, all second-year students organize an event as a part of their studies, in so-called SISU-project, with the help of Valkeakoski Vocational College and Tietotie Highschool students. This year, due to the difficult circumstances with coronavirus, the students had to cancel the original event entirely, and change to smaller projects online. This is how the online campaign got started. 

The idea for the campaign was built on shared interest for doing good for the environment and wanting to give people fun and positive ways to get out of the awful ongoing situation for a while. Green Week is a fun campaign, where instead of blame and guilt, knowledge is shared in positive means and everything is being done together in a community-like setup 

Green Week encourages people towards sustainable choices by giving small and simple steps.

Every day of the 5-day week introduces a new way of affecting the change by sharing tips and fun activities that are easy to participate in. In addition, participants are very welcome to share their own tips, progress and thoughts. 

In addition to affecting with positive atmosphere and sharing, Green Week wants to reward those who are active: everyday people participating in the activities have a chance to win small prizes that fit the theme. These prizes are provided by sponsors, that are announced on the campaign pages this week.  

As mentioned before, Green Week is a student collaboration between HAMK, VAAO and Valkeakoski Tietotie Highschool students. The new smaller SISU projects also give an opportunity for additional student collaboration – Green Week is working with the help of IB Marketing student project and student group launching a Cookbook. 

If you want to learn more about the campaign, feel like participating in fun activities, want to get more info or share your thoughts about sustainability or are just interested in winning small prizes Green Week is for you. You can find the campaign on Instagram and Facebook by the name @greenweekcampaign 

Petra Tammivirta
International Business
HAMK Valkeakoski

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