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Finnish language learning

  • 7 June, 14 June, 21 June and 28 June, Kielikahvila Language Cafe in Hämeenlinna City Library: https://blog.hamk.fi/go-international/language-cafe-_-kielikahvila-_-spring-2023/. Free of charge. No registration needed. 28 June will be the last day of language cafe in this Spring. Continuation of the langauge cafe in autumn will be announced separately.
  • Finnish lanugage club: Hämeen Setlmentti practices easy Finnish with Finnish learners from 10am to 12pm on every Tuesday and Thursday at Kumppannuustalo, 2nd floor, Kirjastokatu 1 Hämeenlinna. No registration needed. Contact Jenni Tokpanou (0503742433, jenni.tokpanou@hameensetlementti.fi) for more information.
  • Other Finnish learning opportunities offered by MyIntegration: https://www.myintegration.fi/en/studying-finnish/.

Work placement abroad

Work placement positions at Slovakia: https://www.placementslovakia.com/current-vacancies/internships.

– no fees for students,
– free accommodation provided,
– lunch allowance provided
– professional training and courses
– contact international@hamk.fi in case of questions.

Work opportunity


Support and guidance

For support and guidance, please contact Talent Boost mentors.

  • Mentor: Katariina From

· Book a meeting with Katariina ·

Hei, hauska tavata! I am one of the Talent Boost Mentors. I worked at national recruitment and employment services before, and I am familiar with the different kinds of services for foreign students on both local levels and national levels. Besides working as a mentor at HAMK, I am an Italian language teacher in the Adult Education Centre (VOP) in Hämeenlinna. I will gladly answer your questions as a Finnish local and help you settle in as well as develop your career path in Finland.

  • Mentor: Qingyang Li

· Book a meeting with Qingyang ·

Ahoy! I am one of the talent-boost mentors. I came to study my degree in Finland about five years ago. I have worked in many different Finnish companies and organisations as different roles, and thus have learned how to navigate in the Finnish labour market. Besides working as a mentor, I am also a part-time entrepreneur. I understand that the journey of staying in Finland as a foreign student is filled with ups and downs, joys and tears. I am here to listen to your needs and support you with guidance.

About HAMK Talent Boost

Get to know more about HAMK Talent Boost here: https://www.hamk.fi/talentboost.

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