Basic Finnish language skills are important for me to manage work – My first work experience in Finland


Never underestimate the power of your network.

My schoolmate recommended me for the position, and I attended an interview before landing the job.

Skills are transferable from one work experience to another.

I work about 20 hours per week in a local restaurant. The tasks are to maintain the restaurant to be cleaned, ensure the foods are fresh and provide good service to customers. Plus, I need to arrange the work shifts for other employees.

Basic Finnish language skill, problem-solving skill and customer services are important skills to manage my work.

Even though I am working in a field which is not my own field, I learn a lot of skills that are beneficial for me in the future. I strengthen my problem-solving skills and management skills. I also learn to be patient.

Finnish labour law protects employees´ rights.

The labour law in Finland is very different than in my home country. It protects employees´ rights very well.

Every experience counts.

I would like to stay in Finland in the future. I have sent many job applications for a summer job. Every experience counts and I am eager to gain more work experience in the fields that I am familiar with and interested in.

Talents empower talents.

Don’t give up even you receive a lot of rejections!


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A first-year student from Construction Engineering English taught degree programme.
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