The hidden meaning


Since starting my forestry studies in Evo I have had many opportunities to explore the surrounding nature and the beautiful sights around our university campus. From all these fascinating places I have made the hard choice of choosing the most interesting five, which I would like to share in this post, as well as the meaning which they hold for me. Some of these choices might sound more unusual than others, but I assure every reader of this blog that all these places are worth visiting during their stay in Evo, especially if they are able to remember some of the remarks mentioned here.

Map of my favourite spots, (C) OpenStreetMap. (n.d.). Evo area. Retrived 18.11.2023 from

The hidden land

The most northern spot on the map is what I decided on calling the “Orienteering spot”. This quite a strange name has quite a simple reasoning behind it, as I have discovered this spot as a part of an outdoor orienteering exam. This little land mass reaching out into the Ylinen Rautajärvi is a perfect place to observe the lake in its full form, as well as getting a partial view of the Evo campus.

Arial image of the Orienteering spot. (C) PaITuli. (n.d.). Elevation model. Retrived 23.11.2023 from
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Lake view from favourite spot. (C) P. Kudrna (2023)

A treasure

The second post on the foreseen map is admittedly my personal favourite. This little peace of beach is a host to an old picnic bench which provides the most beautiful scenery which to me any place in Evo has yet to beat. It might be difficult to explain why this area feels so special, perhaps it could be the golden sunsets over the quiet lake, or maybe it is far-stretching forest which surrounds the clear body of water. Either way the whole feeling of this place can bring any person (including myself) into a state of calmness and relaxation.

The centre

One of the remarkable places is also the campfire space. During the sunny summer nights people gather in this place and share a laugh around the fire, play volleyball at the sandy field, or just enjoy the scenery from the nearby dock. Upon entering this space, you can feel as if you’ve just entered a centre of happenings at this little campus, and you could not be more right, since this is the place where people get to know each other, share their thoughts, experiences, and motivations.

The view from the bridge. (C) P. Kudrna. (2023)


The “Bridge”, as I like to call it, is as the name suggests a wooden structure over a little canal which connects the lakes in Evo. I remember the first time I have stumbled upon it, seeing hundreds of ants running across it and fulfilling their life duties. This bridge might not seem as unique as the other places previously mentioned, but there is something about the indescribable feeling of leaning over the railings of the bridge and just enjoying the moment of being surrounded by sounds of leaves in this wind and the quite scenery of the lake and the Evo campus.

The subtle apprehension

The last spot could be considered by many the strangest, yet do not let the power of presumption fool you. This little road crossing is the part where I have first realized that a new chapter in my life has just started being written. At this crossroad, which I have seen through Google Maps 50 times before my studies, I have realized that this is the beginning of a change, which will affect every major decision I am about to make in my life.

A final gratitude

To those readers who have managed to get to this point, I thank you for spending your time to appreciate these places in Evo with me. It is important to note that these choices are a personal preference and most likely are not suitable for everyone, but that is what this blog post is also about, to encourage every person to find their favourite spots, as they can bring comfort and peace during hardships, which we all inevitably face.

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