Preparing For Your Studies At Evo


As living at the Evo campus can be quite different from the usual student experience in Finland, we have felt the need to inform newcomers about some necessary preparations. As the authors of this blog have lived at the campus, all things listed in this blog are coming from our own experience, so feel free to repeat our success and learn from our mistakes!

What to Pack

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We have mentioned in the “Starting Your Studies At Evo” blog, that a majority of the spring, summer, and autumn studies are carried outside. This means that outdoor clothes are a must. We recommend having some basic gear, such as outdoor pants, jacket, and hiking shoes. However, all these can be purchased in local shops after your arrival, so you do not need to bring every possible outdoor gear piece from your country.

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Another major clothing factor is the Finnish winter. It usually lasts 6-7 months, so proper winter clothes are a must. We, however, recommend purchasing winter clothing here in Finland, as you can get the best possible quality made specifically for these long and beautiful winters!

It is also worth noting, that some smaller kitchen appliance (specific tools or cutlery) may not be present in all dormitories. That also applies to stronger spices, as Finnish culinary history is not too keen on stronger food enhancers. We therefore recommend bringing these smaller items with you, if you consider them a necessity.

Campus Safety

As there have been concerns about the safety when living in the middle of the woods, we would like to ensure everyone that the Evo campus is a safe and peaceful place. All the dangerous equipment (such as chainsaws and clearings saws) are always locked away and can be only distributed under professional supervision. People at the campus are very familiar with each other and no crimes are being committed. Finland in general is a very safe country, where people do not have to be afraid of being subjected to criminal activities.

Medical Care

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The nearest healthcare centre from Evo is in Lammi and it is approximately 20 minutes away by car. Basic healthcare can be provided there and there is also a possibility to visit a dentist in Lammi. However, more specialized healthcare professionals might not be available there, so you would need to travel to Hämeenlinna.

Employment Opportunities

One of the harsh truths about living in Evo and in Finland in general, is that the opportunities to find a purely English-speaking job are limited. To be able to work part time, you would need to get a car, which can add up a lot of costs. Together with the fact, that Finnish countryside may not be yet so developed when it comes to the knowledge of English, it might be nearly impossible to get a job as incoming foreigner in the first few months, or possibly years.

Studying Finnish and Social Life

As mentioned in the employment section, learning the Finnish language is crucial if you plan to stay in Finland. You will go through 4 courses of Finnish in the first year of studies, however you should always try and practice your Finnish in your free time as well, as the courses are not extensive. Finnish plays a role in the forestry studies themselves, so it is always helpful to know the basics, which you can start learning even before coming to Finland.

Learning the language can also help you in your social life, as majority of the people at the campus are Finns and even though they speak English, they are always very welcoming of someone trying to speak their language. We also recommend to not underestimate the beginning of your studies, as the initial socialization can prove helpful in your future here and also in your social life. There are also countless activities happening at the campus where you can practice your language skills. When the weather is favourable, we often play volleyball or sit by the fire. There is also a possibility to use indoor sports hall where you can play for example basketball or badminton.

It Is Worth It

Even when listing all these struggles that you might face living here in Evo, we still hope to not discourage you from coming to Finland. The experience you can obtain here is truly unique and rewarding. The life of a small community which lives in and learns about the local forests, is beautiful memory which you will cherish for the rest of your lives. As the international program of sustainable forest management started last year for the first time, it means that we already have a stable community of foreigners at our campus and we will make sure that nobody is left out and we will also help you in many situations that you might face here!

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