What’s up with FUAS Innovation School?


Yassine and Eetu are students from HAMK and they are participating in FUAS Innovation School. From here you can find their previous blog text about the beginning of the summer projects. Now the projects are almost finished and from this text you can find out how their summer went!

It´s been great working on the marketing material for the last month. Now we have finally decided on what we would like to do and what material we are going to produce.

Contracts with partners

The final outcome are two marketing materials in form of a video that we will hand to the company. The videos are well made and they portray positive and constructive marketing material for the firm. It has been a little bit challenging working on the videos since editing is time consuming but the most challenging part to actually edit the sound since we had to delete some background extra sound and edit the whole video in addition to editing the script and managing the different scenes.

It is important to have good team spirit and schedule the work prior to the deadlines. We had to divide tasks and proceed with each task the sooner we can since we were all excited about the outcome of our project. Our marketing project is finally over, we have managed to deliver the promised marketing material that will help the company not only market itself to the rest of the world but also explore more about how potential customers would rate and assess their product.

Welcome kit contents

After one month of company meetings and negotiations we have finally managed to sign the contract with the concerned partners and collect the promised material of the welcome kit. We are pleased to have Forever Hämeenlinna, Erämaailma, Hämeen Linna, Suomalainen kirjakauppa, Flow park Ahvenisto and Hamk´s pastor as our main sponsors. Each one of the organizations have participated greatly to the welcome kit and will help in welcoming the new international students of Hämeenlinna. Our welcome kit is planned to be handed over to the students upon the beginning of their academic year. In exchange our partners will enjoy visibility and more customer reach within the university and social media. In other words, the project has been completed and the new welcome kit has been successfully built with the great help of our sponsors.

We would like to thank everyone that helped us during our project work and especial thanks to Ms. Sannamaria Grip who is also a part of the team that built HAMK´s new welcome kit. Sanna have shown extraordinary skills by designing a unique map that is made especially for the international students. The map features important spots and places that the upcoming international students will find important in order to navigate in the city. The map is also a part of the welcome kit and will be included in the whole package.

Yassine and Eetu

Yassine Berrouj & Eetu Tanskanen

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