Design alumna Sonja found her passion among sustainable design


HAMK Design alumna Sonja Antosalo is specialized in sustainable design. She graduated from HAMK as a footwear designer and afterwards she studied master’s degree (MA Fashion Futures) at the University of the Arts London. Now she works as an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur gives you freedom of choice

Sustainable development was Sonja’s passion and an obvious direction when she graduated from HAMK. After she got her master’s degree she worked on projects and noticed there are demand for her skills and specialization. However, it was hard to get a permanent job and entrepreneurship was a quite natural option for her. Also, she liked the freedom of choice: you can decide yourself what kind of projects you will work with and how much and when you are going to work.

Exchange opened eyes for sustainable development

During her studies Sonja had an exchange in Brazil. The living conditions there were quite simple: for example, there were no fridge or washing machine where Sonja lived. Back then, she realized that happy people around her were more important than material things. In exchange she really became interested in sustainable design and she knew she wanted to do something which has sustainable value.

Create your own path as a designer

According to Sonja, studies in HAMK made her curious and determined designer and choices and possibilities she had encouraged her to aim her goals. Also, studies at HAMK gave her a good background for studying the master’s degree in London. Sonja says best thing in HAMK Design studies were the possibilities to try different things. In Finland there are for example Erasmus-exchange, work placement, scholarships and other benefits which helps you to create the study path of your own. Also, friends are one the greatest things she got during the studies.

For future design students Sonja wants to say: “Follow your dreams and try to find your field of specialization”. It’s important to step out of the comfort zone because that is how you might find your own thing. And the final advice she gives is “Do things that matters – at least to you”.

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