Photo for HAMK ID Card


The new HAMK ID Card has been introduced, and here are the short instructions for the photo.

The picture in the ID card is a square (1:1) picture of card owners face. It should be easily recognizable and in colour, and the light should come evenly from the front. You may smile and look openly into the camera.

The background should be as neutral as possible and preferably be more white to grey then yellow to beige. It does not need to by fully white, but you should avoid strong elements that take attention from the face. Avoid readable text, logos and other people.

The intstructions for framing can be seen below. Recommended resolution is 1600px/300dpi, and the minimum is 1000px/150dpi. Please use good quality JPG/JPEG file format.

Leave enough space around the face to the circle framing. The height of the face from jaw to eye brows should be about 1/3 of the framed, square picture. The nose should be around the center of the picture. 

Avoid these:


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