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Happy December students! 

The darkest month of the year (November) in Finland is now over and we have officially entered the white(r) season in December. In HAMK Talent Boost´s December Newsroom, we have gathered some information and tips to help you survive Finnish winters. There is information about events, Finnish language learning possibilities and internship, project and work opportunities.

We wish you happy holidays and good luck with the final exams of term. Talent Boost mentors will still be available during the Christmas break (except for week 52, 25. – 31.12.). Welcome!

Surviving Finnish winter

There is a saying in Finnish which goes, ”Sää on vain pukeutumiskysymys”. It means there is no bad weather, but only bad clothing. The thumb of the rule of surviving Finnish winter is to keep warm 🙂 It is important that when you go out, you should put on layers of clothes to keep yourself warm. When you have a proper outfit, then you can also play safely with the snow as well! Going to sauna definitely helps too! Sauna is also a place where you can meet Finnish locals and network 🙂

A lot of students live around lake areas. It is important that you do not walk on the seemingly frozen lake without knowing that it has been officially announced by the authorities that it is safe to do so.

Another tip for surviving the winter in Finland is not to be alone! The darkness and cold temperature tend to mess with our minds. Therefore, remember to stay connected with friends and families, be active, participate in events and network! It is good for your mental health when you are surrounded by people. That´s why we have gathered a list of events and things you can do during December 🙂

Check also some official guide for surviving Finnish winter below.

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How to survive Finnish winter

Cultural events in December

Cooking event on Dec. 12: https://hamko.fi/en/events/event-calendar/

Decorate your own Christmas cookies! Come meet in front of HAMK International office (both days from 10:00 to 13:00 on Wednesday and Thursday, 13.-14.12.) on Hämeenlinna campus. No registration needed. Just come and join!

Multicultural December Holiday Season Party with Hämeen Setlementti: 18:00 – 20:00, Thursday, December 14, 2023. This is a family and children friendly event. Location: The School Hall of the Seminaari Erottajakatu 21 B, Hämeenlinna.

Christmas events in Hämeenlinna: https://www.hameenlinna.fi/matkailu-ja-tapahtumat/ajankohtaista-2/joulun-taikaa-hameenlinnassa/joulutorit-ja-tapahtumat/

Christmas events in Häme Region 2023: https://visithame.fi/en/christmas-events-around-hame-region-2023/

Tampere Christmas 2023:  https://www.tampere.fi/en/current/christmas-season-2023

Valkeakoski events in December: https://www.valkeakoski.fi/uutiset/jouluiset-tapahtumat-myyjaiset-ja-konsertit/

Riihimäki events in December: https://www.riihimaki.fi/en/koe-ja-nae/tapahtumat/

Finnish cuisines and recipes

If you are interested in cooking, you can find some useful link below





Finnish Language Learning

Networking events at HAMK

Internship, project and work opportunities

  • Agriculture

Please contact the farm owner directly: https://setala-eerola.fi/en/ 

Application for traineeship and internship for summer 2024 at Boreal has already started. Work fields concerns plant breeding experiment. Please send your application to koetoiminta@boreal.fi by February 2, 2024. The title of your application email should be ”Kesäharjoittelu 2024”. The company expecteds the applicants to have relevant experience in the field before. Even thought there is a deadline, you should apply as soon as possible. For more information or questions, please contact: Juha-Pekka Mikkola at juha-pekka.mikkola@boreal.fi  (tel: 0401461620), or Jukka Simola at jukka.simola@boreal.fi (tel: 0407380 425).

Briefly in English

Luke: https://www.luke.fi/en/about-luke/career-in-luke.  Application will open be open from January 8 to 31, 2024. Be prepared!


  • Forestry


Job Opportunities and Internships

  • Business, Marketing, Finance, and HR

Content Marketing Intern https://www.jobly.fi/en/job/content-marketing-intern-1915419

Graphic Design & Social Media Trainee https://www.jobly.fi/en/job/graphic-design-social-media-trainee-unpaid-10-20h-1914662

Graphic Designer Intern https://www.jobly.fi/en/job/graphic-designer-intern-1913597

Supercell, Office Experience Trainee https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/personal-customers/vacancies/9d598f2d-c6ee-4454-8fd6-e3fb9999fef8

HR Trainee https://www.jobly.fi/en/job/hr-trainee-1903565

Trainee positions, Crosskey Banking Solutions Ab, Maarianhamina https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/personal-customers/vacancies/82801a25-6c1f-47fd-a19f-b94e95db97c3

QA Intern https://www.jobly.fi/en/job/qa-intern-1910820

Marketing Trainee – Tampere https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/11205871?jobs=11205871

Internship: Online Marketing – Utrechthttps://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/10958371?jobs=10958371

Markkinointiassistentti – Loviisahttps://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/11117465?jobs=11117465

Sales Engineer, ABB, Helsinki https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/11139039?jobs=11139039

Office and Facility Trainee, Nokia Technologies, Espoo https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13499138?jobs=13499138

Digital Marketeer – Utrecht https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13431830?jobs=13431830


Focus Build Expert (SAP), Sandvik, Turku or Tampere https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498838?jobs=13498838

Project Manager for Legal Mandates, Hyvinkää https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13493389?jobs=13493389


Nokia summer trainees: https://fa-evmr-saasfaprod1.fa.ocs.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX_1/requisitions?keyword=trainee&location=Finland&locationId=300000000471640&locationLevel=country&mode=location

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Training Program Coordinator – Espoo https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498928?jobs=13498928

Mechanical Design Engineer, Convion, Espoo https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13499073?jobs=13499073

Warranty Engineer, ABB, Helsinki https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/11115468?jobs=11115468

Jr. Design Engineer, Raute, Nastola or Espoo https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13392733?jobs=13392733

Project Manager, Espoo https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13499062?jobs=13499062

Production Coordinator, Konecranes, Hyvinkää https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13499038?jobs=13499038

Sales Engineer – Helsinki https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498922?jobs=13498922

Electronics Quality Specialist, ABB oy, Vaasa https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498903?jobs=13498903

Functional Safety Engineer, Etteplan Finland Oy – Espoo https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13497609?jobs=13497609

IT Trainee – Tampere https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/11205874?jobs=11205874

DOORS IT Specialist, Kyndryl Finland Oy, Helsinki/Tampere/Jyväskylä https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498960?jobs=13498960

IT specialist, Kyndryl Finland Oy, Helsinki/Tampere/Jyväskylä https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498959?jobs=13498959

Data Engineer, Geeklab, Helsinki https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498933?jobs=13498933

Manual Test Engineer, Tampere https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498916?jobs=13498916

Technical Business Analyst for the banking sector, Helsinki https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498884?jobs=13498884

(Financial) Software Support Engineer, MORS Software, Helsinki https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498875?jobs=13498875

Backend Developer, full-time, Draivi, Turku https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13498866?jobs=13498866

Software Developer – Utrechthttps://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/13431829?jobs=13431829

Eco-Construction Internship in Africa https://app.tiitus.fi/hamk/jobs/11181751?jobs=11181751


Support and guidance

If you need specific support and guidance in job seeking and application, BOOK a mentoring session with HAMK talent boost mentors:

  • Mentor: Katariina From

· Book a meeting with Katariina ·

Hei, hauska tavata! I am one of the Talent Boost Mentors. I worked at national recruitment and employment services before, and I am familiar with the different kinds of services for foreign students on both local levels and national levels. Besides working as a mentor at HAMK, I am an Italian language teacher in the Adult Education Centre (VOP) in Hämeenlinna. I will gladly answer your questions as a Finnish local and help you settle in as well as develop your career path in Finland.

  • Mentor: Qingyang Li

· Book a meeting with Qingyang ·

Ahoy! I am one of the talent-boost mentors. I came to study my degree in Finland about five years ago. I have worked in many different Finnish companies and organisations as different roles, and thus have learned how to navigate in the Finnish labour market. Besides working as a mentor, I am also a part-time entrepreneur. I understand that the journey of staying in Finland as a foreign student is filled with ups and downs, joys and tears. I am here to listen to your needs and support you with guidance.

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