97 applications for the International Friendship Programme – still have a chance to enrich your language skills and cultural understanding!


Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu’s friendship programme between international students and local people continues. We are still looking for local people in particular to join. The forms and ways of friendship can be agreed by the parties themselves. 

So far, 37 Finnish and 60 foreign student applicants have signed up, so we are looking for more Finns in particular. By 29.9.2023, adults can register as individuals, with a friend, as a Finnish student, as a family or as a company representative. A company representative can support the student’s professional development and help them find employment.

Friendship activities are flexible and can be built on the basis of mutual interests. It can include participation in normal daily activities, joint leisure activities, cooking or summer cottage camps.

The international students enrolled are a diverse group of our students from a range of disciplines, including design, computer science, agriculture, forestry, business, engineering and construction. Students come from countries such as India, China, Estonia, Spain, Czech Republic, Cameroon, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia and Spain.

This is one of the ways applicants describe themselves:

“I’m a 27-year-old from an enchanting mountain city in southwest China. I consider myself an open-minded and outgoing individual with a deep interest in various art forms, such as photography and music.”

“I love planting trees and looking at them makes me more energetic.
In my free time, I enjoy doing a little bit of everything from cooking, crocheting, painting, and baking cake with my little 7-year-old daughter.”

“I am a 24-year-old from Liberia. The world of technology has always held my fascination, and you’ll often find me engrossed in coding and crafting apps during my leisure hours. Beyond the screen, I’m an ardent enthusiast of outdoor escapades, relishing the thrill of adventures.”

“Coming from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, I have a deep passion for the world of gems and jewellery. My days are filled with the intricate art of jewellery sketching and bringing those designs to life through hands-on manufacturing.”

“My personality is a bit introverted…I like photography and travelling. Recently, I suddenly want to hike, and I want to explore in the forest, pick mushrooms, pick blueberries, and various wild vegetables.”

“Nature and its diverse flora and fauna are captivating me. I love spending time outdoors. In the future, I aspire to capture the beauty of life through photography, particularly in the picturesque landscapes of Finland.”

“I’m on the lookout for a Finnish friend who shares a similar affinity for ChatGPT-like conversations. Someone who can guide me through my questions about Finnish culture would be fantastic.”

“I love nature. I hope to meet more people who are like minded and I hope to improve my Finnish and English from my local friend.”

I am an engineering student, and I also consider myself a musician! I play guitar and sing. And I like to travel and eat!

“Being An extrovert, I love to engage and interact with new people on daily basics. I have a great interest in cars, and I can talk about cars for the whole day! I am always ready for fun and games. I am also a fitness freak; I love to hit the gym anytime anywhere.

Finnish applicants, on the other hand, have said in their applications that they want, for example, to meet new people and cultures, help them settle in, make new friends or improve their own or their family’s language skills.

Enrollment and more information:

For foreign students: https://www.hamk.fi/friend-family-programme/?lang=en

For Finnish locals: https://www.hamk.fi/ystavaperhetoiminta/

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