Meet our staff: Victor de Bruin


I’m Victor de Bruin, born in the 80’s, and currently working as a lecturer in International Business at HAMK in Valkeakoski. I moved for this job to Finland, and even though it’s only been 2 months, it feels like a whole new lifetime already. I’m originally from a small town called Etten-Leur (45000 inhabitants nowadays) in the South of the Netherlands, on the border with Belgium. It’s quite a change from a very densely populated area, where every city is close, to Finland… And now living in Lempäälä, and still finding new ways to pronounce Finnish names every day. (I’ll learn, someday…)

How did you end up at HAMK? What is your background in work-life?

I was looking for a new challenge, and found the advertisement for this position. I applied, and a few ZOOM meetings later, I realized that not only I had gotten the new challenge I was looking for, but also a full out emigration experience. Before working here, I’ve been teaching in International Business at AVANS University of Applied Sciences (Breda, the Netherlands), and in International Leisure Management at NHTV (Nowadays Breda University of Applied Sciences). Before that I’ve worked in various organisations (Ministry of Justice, as well as an Emergency Center, or a company selling photocopiers) as a Data Analyst or Management Information Expert.

What you have studied and where?

I graduated in 2002 from Tilburg University with a Master’s degree in Information Management, as well as a Master’s degree in Strategic Management. Last year, when having a break, I completed a Master’s degree in Sport Management, but then from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. So I guess I know a bit about management, in various different contexts.

What is the best thing in teaching?

No doubt: Students. It’s about people, knowledge, skills, and life, in a setting intended for that. And I get to do it with some great colleagues! What’s not to like there?

What would you like to say people who consider applying to HAMK International Business?

Be yourself, and find your passion!

What are your free time activities?

I guess I have to mention floorball (salibandy), in which I’ve been a player, referee, president of the Dutch federation), but nowadays just sticking to coaching (Juniors, as well as the Dutch national team), refereeing, and as a spectator or jury member. But also music, and traveling are fun ways to spend my time.

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