Circular Economy is progressing in Finland


SYMBI-projektin projektipäällikkö Harri Mattila osallistui lokakuun lopulla SITRAn organisoimaan Suomen kiertotaloustiekartan päivityksen kommentointitilaisuuteen. Ohessa terveiset tapahtumasta. Tilaisuus on myös tallennettu ja sen voi katsoa osoitteessa

Circular Economy is progressing in Finland                                     

SITRA arranged a discussion event on the renewal process of the Finnish road map to circular economy 2.0 in Helsinki on the 30th October. There are few subjects discussed in the event worth to be delivered.

First of all, Director Mari Pantsar from SITRA brought a couple of messages from World Circular Economy Forum arranged in Japan on the 22nd to 24th October.

  1. We should recognize the basic reason for the global trends of climate change, loss of biodiversity and diminishing natural resources. That is over consumption, which we all can have an effect on.
  2. To be able to meet enormous challenges we need deep international cooperation – all are needed.
  3. Social sustainability must be taken more seriously into account. The world is changing very fast – not because of circular economy only – and all people cannot follow the speed.

Secondly, we were informed that Finland would like to continue as a forerunner in circular economy. That is why the road map to circular economy is now updated and the version 2.0 will be published in the beginning of 2019.

Thirdly, Executive Director Laura Juvonen from Technology Industries of Finland confirmed that investors are interested in sustainable and responsible industry today. That is supporting principles of circular economy and companies acting accordingly will success in the future. The organization has published a tool called playbook for anyone to get more information of the benefits of circular economy. See for more information.

Harri Mattila, Tkt, tutkijayliopettaja, Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu


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