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Zoom is a cloud platform which provides online meetings, virtual tutoring, content sharing, polling, chat and video conferencing capabilities. In Zoom these functions are available across a wide range of devices and platforms.

You can join Zoom meeting via application or by using a link. Zoom application can be installed via the Zoom website or via HAMK’s Software Center Service. Use always either a desktop app or mobile app.

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How do I join a Zoom meeting?

There are different ways to join a Zoom meeting. You can use Zoom app on your desktop, join through a link via your email / Moodle invitation or from the Zoom website.  Note, that the meeting starts after the host has started the meeting or the host enables ’join before host’.

Join Zoom meeting through a link: you will receive an email or link invitation from the meeting host. Click on the link (join via PC, Mac, iOS or Android) and after that you will be taken to the meeting. See instructions.
Join Zoom meeting through a Zoom app: open the Zoom app on your desktop and click on Join a Meeting and after that you will be able to add a meeting ID or a link. In addition you can add your display name. See instructions.
Join from the Zoom website: go to the HAMK’s Zoom website https://hamk.zoom.us/ and click Join button. After that you are able to add a Meeting ID or link.
Join from the Moodle course: go to the Moodle course and find the Zoom activity. Click Join a Meeting button. The green button might not be visible all the time. It will appear fifteen minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin, at the latest.

Note: Do not participate in a meeting with your browser unless especially instructed so. Always use an app. When participating the meeting in browser usually the audio devices cannot be found at all. Also going to breakout rooms is impossible. Here’s a list of limitations related to different browsers.

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