Zoom Instructions for a Visitor

Zoom is a cloud platform which provides online meetings, virtual tutoring, content sharing, polling, chat and video conferencing capabilities used in HAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Installing Zoom application and joining a Zoom meeting

  1. Install the Zoom application from the Zoom website.
  2. After installing Zoom you can join Zoom meeting by clicking on a link sent to you and launching the Zoom application.
    • If needed, select Zoom application from the application launcher list and then press ”Open link”
  3. You do not need a Zoom account in order to attend a Zoom meeting. Just type your name when joining the meeting room.
  4. Make sure your microphones etc. are attached to your computer.
    • Select ”Test speaker and microphone”.
    • Press ”Join with Computer Audio”. Join the meeting.

More instructions

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Participating In Breakout Rooms

  • Join Breakout Room when you are invited.
  • If you need assistance in Breakout Room please press ”Ask for Help”  button.
zoom visitor instructions


More Zoom tutorials can be found from Zoom Help Center