Joining a Zoom meeting

You can join the Zoom meeting using the Zoom meeting link or number tag (ID). Both joining options are instructed below.

It is advisable to use the desktop app to make full use of all the functions of the meeting and, for example, the material that is shared on the screen is played in high quality.

After joining, connect your audio device to a meeting. If you have issues, please check our instructions on Audio and Webcam Settings.

How do I join a Zoom meeting with the Zoom link?

Participating in a meeting using a desktop app

  1. Open the meeting link. The Zoom app is available for download via Zoom’s website for all devices.
  2. Test your audio device with Test Speaker and Microphone. After that, connect the audio device with the “Join with Computer Audio” function.

Participating in a meeting in the browser (Chrome)

zoom join audio browser
  1. Open the meeting link.
  2. Press the “Join from your browser” link in the browser window. If necessary, cancel the proposed entry to the meeting using the Cancel button.
  3. Enter your name and use Captcha. Join by “Join.”
  4. In the meeting, connect the audio device from the blue Join Audio by Computer button. If the button does not appear, press the Join Audio button.
  5. If necessary, give the browser permission to use the microphone/camera “Allow”. You can change the audio device from a small arrow next to the microphone button. If you can’t find audio devices, make sure you’re using the Chrome browser. Audio devices can also be found with the latest version of the Firefox browser, but with Firefox you can’t see the materials that are shared on the screen.

Participating in a meeting on a mobile device

  1. Open the meeting link. Choose to use Zoom app. Select Join meeting or, if necessary, install the app.
  2. The Zoom app opens and you join the meeting. Enter your name and click OK.
  3. Click “Call via Device Audio” to connect the audio device

N.B. If you use the Zoom app on your mobile device, check your name before entering the meeting. By default, the model of the mobile device you’re using will be suggested to be your name.

Join from the Moodle course area

  1. Go to the course area and find the link to Zoom meeting. Alternatively, find Zoom LTI Pro activity. Navigate to the activity. Join the meeting by pressing Join Meeting button.

zoom join meeting moodle

2. When you join the meeting, you are automatically suggested to either install or launch the Zoom app.

How do I join a Zoom meeting with an ID number?

  • Each Zoom meeting has its own set of numbers, an identifier, i.e., an ID number. You can join the Zoom meeting using this tag, either using the browser or the Zoom app. Below, more detailed instructions:
  • Through the Zoom website: via the page, press the Join button, then enter the meeting tag (ID number) or paste link.
  • Through the Zoom app: Joining a Zoom meeting with an ID number