Filming and photography permits in teaching


Students are photographed or videoed only when it is needed.

If photos, videos, or audio recordings have been produced for module work, a separate recording/publishing permit does not need to be obtained from the students.

Whenever you want to publish/use pictures, videos, or audio outside of the original context, for example in a later project, you should ask the student for permission using the Moodle workspace for the module. If the student is under 18 years of age, permission from their guardian is required (form is being prepared).

Filming and photography permits and publication permits are stored permanently.

For example, if the images are used in marketing, the student is asked for marketing permission (link to the permission).

One-off sharing of a photo on social media can also be done based on orally-provided permission. In such cases, the image cannot be used for any other purpose. The oral permission must be actively given: for instance, the simple absence of a negative response is not enough.


Q: We would like to photograph new students so that the teacher can link the person to the name.

A: The students add their own photographs to the HAMK services (Pakki, Moodle, O365)


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