EXAM for individual resit exams and maturity tests

EXAM service and electronic exam concept provides a flexible way of taking monitored exams and maturity exams in four HAMK campuses. Additional instructions can be found from https://wiki.eduuni.fi/display/CSCEXAM/EXAM+for+students.

exam process at hamk

House rules for the exam room 

  • You are not allowed to leave the exam room before completing the exam. (No toilet visits!)
  • You are not allowed to talk with other students in the exam room.
  • Do not walk or move unnecessarily during your exam.
  • Sanctions will be imposed against any student who is found in breach of examination regulations.

Enrolling to the exam

  1. Teacher prepares the exam either for the whole study group or personally to someone or creates a maturity test.
    • The exam time period is adjusted and during that period a student can take the exam whenever he/she wants in any of HAMK EXAM studios.
  2. You log into the EXAM service exam.hamk.fi, search the suitable exam, register for the exam and book an exam time. If teacher prepares individual exam you’ll an email with brief link for booking the exam time.
    • The exams start only on the hour.
    • The EXAM studios are located in Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki, Valkeakoski and Forssa campuses.
  3. You will receive confirmation email with instructions for entering the EXAM studio. The instruction includes the number for the computer spot.

Editing, cancelling or removing the enrollment

If you are not able to do the exam in the reserved time you must cancel the booking. A reservation not canceled will be counted as an attempt.

  1. Log into the EXAM service exam.hamk.fi,
  2. You’ll see your future reservations in the dashboard. From three dots you’ll be able to edit or cancel the reservation. In order to remove the booking  you need to cancel it first.

Entering the studio and logging in to EXAM

  1. Store your the belongings to a locker outside the studio.
    • You must not take anything else to the studio than just a water bottle, an ID and the key card if owned.
    • If you have has special needs must the teacher e informed.
  2. Enter the studio not earlier than five minutes before scheduled time.
    • EXAM room video surveillance system includes live streaming, recording video and audio. You can access the room only with her personal key card or pin code which is saved and logged into the room reports.
  3. Turn on the computer with matching number and log in with  the HAMK credentials.
  4. Firefox-browser will be automatically launched. Choose for the organization Häme University of Applied Sciences / Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu from HAKA login and use then HAMK credentials.

Doing the exam

  1. The exam will be automatically launched when the booked time slot is at hand.
    • When you have logged in, you will find the list of questions  at the left. On the top of the view, there is an egg clock that shows you the time left. In the middle of the view there is the list of questions and their answering situations.
    • You can answer to the questions in any order. You can for example first make notes for each question and then return to answer more thoroughly. Return from the question view to the main view with the Exam overview button.
    • The system autosaves you answer with few minutes intervals. Also moving between questions autosaves the answer. Note that if you delete your answer, the system may autosave the empty answer!
    • When you are ready, return to the overview. Be sure to attach any attachments before you finish the exam
    • Click there on the Submit! button. Remember to log out. You can leave the computer running.

After the exam

After taking the exam the teacher will assess it.

What to do in problem situations?

  • The building is closed: have you checked the opening hours? Unregister and make a new registration. When needed, contact your examiner.
  • The computer does not start or does not work properly: check all cables and restart.
  • The browser (Firefox) does not start: Restart the computer.
  • The system gives an error message: close the browser and retry a few times. If the problem continues, contact the janitor. Wait for the information about whether to start the exam or not.
  • The browser or computer jams or crashes in the middle of the exam: Restart the computer and browser, log in and continue with the exam.