Digipedagogical tips for everyday e-learning

Listen and collect feedback from students & colleagues – edit for the next round!

Rhythm and clarity – take advantage of team teaching

  • for example, cycle the activities one week at a time and plan 1-2 weeks of work together with the module team
  • post the plans to the Teams environment or the Moodle platform
  • go together on a weekly basis and make future plans as needed. What works, what doesn’t and how do we change the way we work?
  • agree on tutoring times / on-call time and how you monitor students’ progress, e.g., through analytics. How and who reacts when necessary?

Scripts to help with design

  • make a joint script on the progress of the module towards the competence objectives
  • refine the plan for different levels for period, week, day, webinar
  • the focus is on the student working on how different ways it is possible to achieve competence
  • how, as a teacher, I support the development of learning and competence
  • think of ways in which competence can be demonstrated
  • Example of two full-time in-service training in online environments(Ruhalahti & Korhonen)